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Downton Abbey:
The Exhibition, Touring

Immersive Experience

Design, Motion Graphics,


Centre Screen were commissioned to work on a number of exhibits for Downton Abbey : The Exhibition. A touring experience featuring props, sets and characters from the popular TV show.

I was tasked with bringing to life two areas of the house itself.

The Library and Drawing Room. These two rooms feature in some of the most iconic storylines from the show and were also two of the rooms unable to be recreated as practical sets.

To recreate these rooms I took frame references from the show and their set designers to build a 2D template of each wall,  this was then recreated as a CGI backdrop in 3D.

Once we had the rooms I then had to track and composite live footage into the exact locations in our digital room. Transitioning from the Library, into a dramatic war scene using archive and material from the show and finally becoming the drawing room.

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition was voted in the top 10 best pop culture exhibitions in the world by Matador Network.

Produced for NBCU by Centre Screen

Exhibition design Mather & Co

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