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Looking Up

Gloucester History Festival, UK

Motion Graphics

Design, Motion Graphics, Art Direction

Teaming up with Squeaky Pedal and illustrator Tom Wooley we collectively produced a series of 1-2 minute social media ready community led films telling the story of Gloucester’s rich historic landmarks and the role they play in the lives of its people today.

By the end of the project we had completed 20 films, 360 virtual tours, an interactive website, accessible transcripts and activity packs all in a turnaround time of 2 months. The level of extremely tight timescales, complexity and logistics involved to complete this during Covid-19 brought a challenge that we relished.

Combining personal stories, a modern visual style and aerial drone images to share history in an accessible and modern way, allowing the audience to connect with real people and share in their emotions and feelings about the heritage of their city.

The project was recognised by the Museums + Heritage awards and won the 2021 Pandemic Pivot award for demonstrating how heritage sites have an important role to play during the pandemic.

Produced for Squeaky Pedal

Client Gloucester History Festival

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