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Mail Rail

The Postal Museum, London, UK

Immersive Film

Design, Motion Graphics,

3D Animation, Direction

This 23 metre immersive film is projection mapped onto the underground platform of the former Mail Rail tunnels.

Visitors are transported back in time as they ride the railway in a modified carriage, stopping to watch two films at key point along the way.

The platform one film uses historical artifacts and pop cultural references from the several decades of Mail Rail's history to take you back in time to it's hay day in the 1930's.

Platform two take you on the journey of 3 letters from the Mail Rail tunnels, across the busy streets of London to their destinations.

Extensive mix of newly shot content, motion graphics, detailed compositing and an animated CGI build of London all had to be produced to craft 3 different stories that works seamlessly together along the 23 metre projection mapped surface.

I was involved at every stage, from initial concept designs, client presentations, storyboarding, post production, 3D animation and the final composition of the whole sequence.

Produced for Centre Screen

Exhibition design Hayley Sharpe Design

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