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York's Chocolate
Story, York

Immersive Experience

Design, Motion Graphics,


“Origins” at York's Chocolate Story is a 160° panoramic projection which uses newly shot footage and an evocative audio soundscape to tell the story of the Origins of chocolate. 


Shot on the RED, Aztec and Mayan warriors and Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes were filmed on green screen in a London studio.  Background ‘rainforest plates’ were then shot at Kew Gardens and both were combined to create a dramatic and evocative Central American world without leaving the UK.

Compositing these shots to extend and fill to a 7K canvas required a lot of different skills and techniques that we developed during the post production stage of the project.

Additional elements to this film included an animated 2D star constellation that formed a Mayan god, 3D creation and animation of Cortes' ship returning to Europe and the tracking and animating of chocolate flooding across the worlds oceans.

Produced for Centre Screen

Exhibition design Met Studio

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