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Being Brunel,
ss Great Britain, Bristol

Immersive Experience

Design, Motion Graphics

The Mind experience at Being Brunel literally places you inside one of the 19th centuries greatest minds.

A panoramic screen wraps around visitors to witness moments of his life from a unique first person perspective. Above you, a 180° degree projected dome show explores the abstract inner working of the mind. 

Shooting each of the first person sequences in a single take meant that multiple passes of post production were required throughout. This included object removal and tracking and ambient atmosphere adding such as rain, smoke and mist.

One sequence was also shot in a hanging basket in a 360° green screen studio. The background then had to be composited within a 360° environment and tracked to the movement of both camera and hanging basket.

The mind allowed for an abstract approach taking elements of the shot content and artifacts from the museum but presented in way that fractured and formed as new memories were created.

It was the winner of the M&H Award for Permanent exhibition of the year and was described in an article by techradar as the worlds first communal VR experience.

Produced for Centre Screen

Exhibition design Easy Tiger Creative

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